Want A Pillow Instead Of A Cover Or A Cover Instead Of A Pillow Or Have Your Own Design? Contact Us


If I see a design I like but only need it as a cover or would prefer it as a pillow, can you do that?

  • Absolutely! Send me an email to info@mishmashpillows.com
  • Include the name of the design you would like to purchase and your preference of a cover only or a pillow complete with insert.
  • We will add the art for the cover in three sizes or the pillow in two sizes to our inventory on the website and then send you a link for your ordering convenience.

Do you have any measuring tips for measuring pillows?

  • Use a firm carpenters tape measure, rather than a flexible measuring tape for the most accurate results.
  • Do not measure the pillow diagonally or measure the pillow across its center.
  • Pillow dimensions are based on measuring along the edge of the pillow, from corner to corner not the width of the stuffed pillow. Once filled with your choice of insert, the height and width will be slightly less than the measurements ordered. For example, a 18" by 18" pillow will have perceived finished dimensions of 17" × 17" when stuffed.

How do I measure a pillow cover for a new core?

Measuring a pillow cover is easy. The industries standard for stuffed decorative pillows (the one we like to use) is to measure the pillow cover prior to stuffing it with your new insert made of poly fill or down.  Measure square pillow covers by laying on a flat surface and measure corner to corner. If your finished pillow cover is 18" by 18" you will need a (polyester fill) 1" larger or a (down) insert 2" larger than the cover to get the pillow cover as full and plump as possible.

How do I measure my pillow for a new cover?

Measure the pillow from corner to corner or seam to seam with a firm carpenters tape.  If your measurement is 20" by 20" then this will be your core for your new cover and you will need a new cover that is 2" smaller, size 18" by 18".

What are the steps for measuring a throw pillow?

  • First lay out a firm carpenters tape on a table, pulled out a few inches wider that the pillow you are measuring.
  • Second grasp the top two corners of the pillow and pull the fabric as tight as possible.
  • Third hold the pillow corners to the tape getting the measurement of the pillow from corner to corner. Round up to whole numbers 16", 18", 20" etc. 

How do I measure lumbar pillows?

Lumbar pillows should be measured the same way as throw pillows. Simply follow the directions above to get an accurate measurement.

How do I measure round pillows?

Round pillows should be measured the same way as throw pillows with the exception that they are measured on the diagonal for a round insert.


Note: If you are trying to measure your pillows at home and your covers have zippers and removable inserts, take the inserts out before you measure your pillow. If your pillow is completely sewn up and you cannot remove the insert, pinch the two top corners of the pillow and pull the top seam as tight as you can while holding it next to a tape measure as described above. If you cannot pull it completely straight, then add a little length to your measurement (usually 1/2 inch) to get an approximate size. You'll probably be pretty close.