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Welcome To Mishmash Pillows


Our office is located in the greater Pacific Northwest with Mount Rainier as our backdrop.

'Mishmash’ was something our kids would answer with when we asked them what they were doing. Now the children are all grown up and it's our time for doing and with time on our hands we decided to follow our dream to open an ecommerce business, a screen printing pillow company to be exact, but it needed a name.  We thought about it and decided if we combine what the children use to say with our passion for screen printing and pillows, well long story short that's how Mishmash Pillows was born.

Decorating with new throw pillows, or recovering existing pillows with fresh new covers is an exciting, fun and an easy way to elevate the look of your home decor in an instant. 

As a company we are dedicated to providing quality screen printed, in the USA, pillow products to our customers in an array of patterns, colors, sizes and designs. Our goal is to offer the largest selection possible in printable designs to fit every budget. We even offer custom designs when you email our company with a personal request at info@mishmashpillows.com.

This year, we added a new staff member, please welcome Matt Mann of MCM Designs. Matt is a graphic designer who creates and designs unique and whimsical pieces for screen printing for us that are accessible to everyone. You can follow him on Instagram. @mattmanndesign

Mishmash Pillows is committed to you, our customer. We make customer service a priority.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to send an email to info@mishmashpillows.com

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