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Interesting Styles of Decorative Throw Pillows

Instantly update your home decor by adding a throw pillow (or allot of throw pillows) to your couches, chairs, beds and benches.  As you can imagine, there are thousands of options for throw pillows in the market place today. They come in all sizes, shapes, and in a vast assortment of colors, designs and textures. However, there are four main styles of throw pillows: bolster, square, rectangular, and round.

Bolster Pillows

  • Bolster pillows have a distinct long, narrow, cylinder shape, have no standard size and sold in a variety of dimensions. These are commonly stuffed with cotton, foams, down, or other synthetic and natural fibers. They are most often used to complement an armchair or the "middle" throw on a long sofa or bed. Bolster pillows can also function as comfortable and supportive knee pillows.

Square Pillows

  • Square pillows, also referred to as Euro pillows, have perfect square dimensions. These are the most common throw pillows, so you'll likely find endless options of textures and colors. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16" x 16" to  28" x  28".  This larger square surface helps to showcase a more prominent solid color or pattern.


Rectangular Pillows

  • Also known as lumbar pillows, they're wider and shorter rather than tall and thin. This style is also a great additional accent as a middle throw on a longer sofa or bed to add a little extra design and color to your pillow arrangement. Beyond decorating, lumbar pillows work as extra support when placed below the small of your back, sitting on the sofa or chair and while you sleep— hence the name “lumbar.”

Round Pillows

  • Round pillows are circular and typically a smaller throw pillow. Usually arranged at the front and center of throw pillows, they make a great decorative accent, adding a pop of color to your assortment.  Sometimes they're embellished with buttons or jewels to give them a little extra adornment to the collection of pillows on display. 

    You have boundless options when selecting throw pillows to decorate your home.  Hopefully you feel a little inspired to step outside your comfort zone of square pillows, and instead reach for a round, cylindrical or even a rectangle throw pillow the next time you freshen up your decor.

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