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Snuggle Up To Memories
With Personalized Throw Pillows

Picture this: Walking into your best friend’s new home you take notice of how beautifully decorated everything is from the sleek and modern furniture to the sophisticated art on the wall reflecting their personal style. Then you spot something unique on the sofa amongst all the stunning decorative throw pillows - something special you wouldn't typically find in the usual department stores or any online home décor shops. They have a custom and very personalized throw pillow! So you ask your friend “where did you find this pillow?” 

Personalized throw pillows make a room more cohesive, interesting, warm and inviting! They make a great conversation starter too!

Express Yourself

Consider adding custom designed throw pillows to your home by using a monogram lettera favorite saying or song quote, a quote from scripture, first or last names, nicknames, the grandkids names and even include the family's pet name. Your options are infinite. You want to pick something unique which represents you!

This can be a unique way to personalize your entryway, bedroom, living room or any family hangout area. 

Everyone has photographs and artwork which are wonderful, but they're difficult to snuggle up to. Custom throw pillows and pillow covers make thoughtful and unexpected gifts for weddings, housewarming, long-distance friendships and relationships, homesick gifts - and a really great one-of-a-kind anytime gift for family and friends. Be prepared to see the joy in the faces of loved ones as they open their very own personalized pillow.

Whether you want to create a special gift for your family, your mom or dad, grandpa or grandma, or another loved one, we make the design process a breeze. Add your own names, nicknames, or any text - choose a background color, and create personalized pillows which best fit your style! Keep it clean and appropriate, of course.

Pillow Fabric 

Mishmash Pillows uses a 100% spun polyester fabric for your pillows and covers. They all have a concealed zipper and can be removed easily for washing. The removable insert is made from 100% polyester and our pillows and covers are always a double-sided print for twice the fun! We offer throw pillows in two sizes: 16"x16", and 18" x18" and square throw pillow covers are available in three sizes: 16" 18" and 20."

  • Art proof provided in advance
  • Double-sided print
  • Concealed zipper
  • Pillow orders include pillow insert
  • Made in the USA
  • Spot clean or machine wash
  • Free shipping for the continental U.S.
In just a few quick steps you can customize your pillow or cover and then have it sitting on your couch or wrapped as a gift for that special someone in no time!

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Happy Decorating! 
Miss Dorla
CEO Mishmash Pillows


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