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Our Secret Love-Hate Relationship With Throw Pillows

It's no secret - I LOVE throw pillows of every kind. I really am obsessed and crazy about them, yet more often than not they just end up getting tossed on the floor. Are you able to relate to this? Perhaps you also have a peculiar and possibly secret love-hate relationship with your pillowy décor?

You know when you purchase the perfect, brand new sofa which already comes with plenty of cushions and pillows for you to recline comfortably - but you immediately come to the conclusion you need to purchase more decorative throw pillows for it?

I believe decorative throw pillows can definitely help to make a sofa and living room more cozy, warm and inviting. However, how many throw pillows is TOO many? I came across this short video on You Tube and it puts into prospective what happens when you have too many pillows and why we may have a conflicting relationship, and difficulty finding a balance with ours sometimes. I can certainly relate to this, how about you?

I adore having a lot of beautiful decorative pillows but there’s a time when you must be realistic about creating a comfortable lounging space for the family - and not overwhelm a space with cushions! Find a balance between creating comfort and a collection of statement pieces. You need to have pieces which showcases your personal décor style, but also something practical for your husband to curl up for his afternoon nap with - without having to move 10+ pillows out of his way to get comfy (speaking from personal experience!)

I have a gorgeous, decorative, and purposeful solution to address the elephant (*ahem, 10+ throw pillows) in the room! Position large wicker, wire, metal, rattan, bamboo or seagrass baskets in every room of the home to accommodate the decorative pillow (and throw blanket) overflow. They're stunning, and practical. Problem solved!

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