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Characteristics of Bohemian Style Decorating

The Bohemian style appeared around the end of the 18th century in Paris, France. It was named after nomadic artists, writers and performers who refused to conform to what was traditionally accepted. Instead they chose to explore  their own creativity and embrace the unconventional, inadvertently inspiring an interior design trend. 

Bohemian Throw Pillows

Bohemian throw pillows easily help create a personalized space filled with all the diverse color schemes and mixed prints you could want in one place. You are free to mix a little of this and that while embodying a whimsical casual and care free environment you have been dreaming about.

Bohemian Interior Styles Defined

Bohemian interior styles are defined by their lack of structure, while opting for layers of eclectic patterns, textures and by using many beautiful saturated colors. While there are no set rules for design like those for modern and or minimalist styles, there are still a few common practices for creating a "Bohemian look" to be inspired by those desired aesthetics. Bohemian style is very personal and relaxed, considered by enthusiasts as 'not for everyone else but for your very own enjoyment.'

Here’s a graphic I found on Pinterest which describes the Characteristics of Bohemian Interior Design.  You may find this helpful and you're welcome to save it to your device or Pinterest board for easy reference.

Bohemian Elements

May we suggest a few bohemian elements that you can use in your home to include leather, metal, burlap and silk materials. Also include vintage, classic, southwestern, retro, mandala and mudcloth style pillow patterns. Use warm desert-inspired designs, solids, stripes and geometric patterns.  Choose colorful patterns and textures and incorporate them together with beautiful patterned area rugs. 

These Bohemian Feather and Earthtone patterned throw pillow covers mixed up with solid colors create a perfect clean bohemian look.  

Bohemian Decorating Tips From Mishmash Pillows

  • The bohemian look can be as complicated or as clean as you would like it to be.
  • More is definitely better! There's no such thing as too much when it comes to Bohemian Style. 
  • You can use many types of furniture work in this aesthetic! From small to large poufs, to large settees or colorful floor cushions.
  • This style is all about creating an atmosphere which you alone enjoy.
  • The Bohemian history was inspired by artists! Incorporate paintings, quilts, macramé, sculptures and pottery.
  • Add layers of rugs, pillows, and throw blankets throughout your space.
  • Use lighting such as pendants, sconces, lamps, and candles to create and enhance a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Add greenery such as ferns or succulent plants for a refreshing pop of nature.
  • Use warm earth colors like deep browns, greens and grays for the base colors then create a bold statement and accessorize with more striking colors. Combine and layer bright purples, oranges, blues, metallic golds as well as bright shades of greens, pinks and reds. Bright colors set the stage for the Bohemian style as in the example below.

I truly hope these Bohemian tips will inspire your inner designer! Whether it will be complicated or clean is totally up to you. Simply choose bold and colorful patterns which best fit your personal decorating style. Suddenly need Bohemian pillow covers? Shop Mishmash Pillow's collection of Bohemian throw pillows and covers today.

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