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Proven Tips For Pillow Arrangements

Whether you are designing the most beautiful throw pillow arrangements on a sofa or a bed keep in mind that there is no wrong way when you're using throw pillows that speak to you. You can become more creative in the process by trying different textures, colors, shapes, and sizes together. 

  • Making an empty sofa or bed feel warm and cozy is as easy as adding a couple of throw pillows (alright, maybe five or seven). For snuggling and cuddling, consider adding a throw blanket or two to soften and warm up the decor while making it feel inviting.
  • Without throw pillows, on a couch, a bench, in a chair or on a bed with an eye-pleasing arrangement and well-placed pops of color throughout the room, it would just look like, well, a room full of naked furniture.
Here are a few basic tips to help you:

    Keep The Pillow Number Odd

    Odd numbers make sofa arrangements look and feel relaxed and inviting. Try seven throw pillows on a large sofa, five on an average sized sofa, and three on a smaller one. Pillows are like art and make a statement in a room and while there are many combinations to arranging them, in the end you get to decide.


    Today's casual designs use the concept of asymmetry more often than that of formal symmetry. Achieving an asymmetry look is more of a challenge to achieve, but it creates a more robust design in the end. Unlike formal symmetry, asymmetry avoids repetitive elements and includes the lines, textures and colors with similar visual weight and appeal that design plans require. 

    Mixing Stripes And Patterns


      Here is a couple more tips for creating a well-composed arrangement of pillows on a sofa: 

        • Don't be afraid to mix and match fabrics: Sofa upholstery and pillow fabrics should never be the same. Limit patterned fabric choices to one set of pillows per sofa. Layer the colors, vary prints with solids, and mix textures for the most interest.
        • Work from the outside in: Select a matching pair of pillows that are either 22 or 24 inches square to place on the far right and left of your sofa. Work your way to the center with a set of slightly smaller 18" or 20" square pillows and for the center choose a coordinating lumbar pillow.

        • Finally, use the right pillow insert: Down fillers are always preferable  because they are more comfortable and hold the pillow shape better. Polyester fillers are more affordable and more commonly used. If allergies are a problem, try a down alternative or a hypoallergenic down. Read my blog "Surprising Insert Differences" to learn more.

        I'm confident these tips will be helpful when you incorporate them into your pillow arranging.

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        Happy decorating my friends!

        Miss Dorla